Volt Banking (19-24 Years Old)

You’ve waited years to be on your own, and now (with a little help) you’re spending and saving like a pro. 建立您的财务和个人独立与我们的伏特网赌最好最大平台计划,赚取高达3.00% APY.

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Independent & Thriving

当你自力更生的时候,你的需求、优先事项和计划都会发生变化. Volt Banking will grow right alongside you, 为将来的机会建立坚实的经济基础. 


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Watch your savings add up quickly by earning 3.00% APY* on balances up to $1,000.

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What can Volt Banking do for me?

We believe you’re the hero of your story. 我们的支票和储蓄捆绑账户让您更好地掌控自己的资金. 我们还提供金融知识的机会,并免费为30岁以上的人提供服务,000 ATMs across the nation. 

Here are just some of the benefits of Volt banking:      

Earn a competitive annual APY

它支付与伏特节省伏特成员看到他们的储蓄增加迅速赚取3.00% APY* on savings balances up to $1,000.

Set up quick balances


Free ATM Access

Your Volt debit card will let you use 30,000 CO-OP ATMs for free. If you use an out of network ATM, fees are $3.00.

Reduced fees

Life happens. Money can be tight. 我们提醒您,跟踪您的帐户是值得的,从而保护您免受昂贵的费用. 

Reduced Fees Include:
  • NSF(资金不足)支票、ACH项目或借记卡交易费- $26.50 (regularly $35)
  • NSF ATM Withdrawal - $26.50 (regularly $35)

Be sure to use Online and Mobile Banking tools, like Alerts, to keep track of your account and avoid overdrafts. 

Arbor Volt customer displaying debit card.

The Volt Credit Card

At 18, Volt members can qualify for a Visa Rewards Credit Card. It starts with a credit limit up to $1,000和低利率,同时让你建立奖励积分,永远不会过期.

There are numerous benefits of getting a credit card early in life, 比如建立信用,了解信用卡和借记卡的区别. 


  • Pay your bill before it’s due so you don’t incur interest charges.
  • 你可以用它来应付小的紧急情况,只要你每月按时付款,如果你不能全额还清.
  • If you don’t use it correctly, 你的账户可能会遇到麻烦,这不是开始你的信用基础的好方法.
  • 信用卡不同于借记卡,因为你借的是你的余额,必须偿还. a debit card which deducts from the cash you have in your account. 你想练习使用这两种方法来消费,并体验它们如何影响你的财务状况.

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*Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Accurate as of 1/1/24. The rate of 3.00%年利率适用于Volt网赌最好最大平台储蓄账户上高达1,000美元的余额. Terms and conditions subject to change. No minimum balance required. 

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